Google announces new Android features including text scheduling, password checking, and more

Adam Smith
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Google has announced new updates to six different Android apps, including a password tool, a text scheduler, and improvements to Maps, Assistant, and Android Auto.

These new features are rolling updates, meaning that users may not have access to them immediately, but will be coming in the near future.

The smorgasbord of announcements start with a Password Checkup, meaning that Google will automatically look up if a password you have used has been previously exposed and what to do to remedy this security breach.

Google will check the credentials users have given to it for its Autofill service against a list of known compromised passwords which have already been put online.

Google is also updating its Messages app in order to schedule messages, and Google Assistant can now better be used when a phone is locked with better visualisations of commands.

Android Auto will be receiving custom wallpapers and voice-activated trivia games like Jeopardy, as well as shortcuts on the launch screen so people can check their contacts faster or remotely adjust the thermostat.

For cars with larger screens, a real-time view of Google Maps and media controls can be placed split-screen.

Google Maps will also get a dark mode for Android users.

“Simply head to your Settings, tap on Theme and then on ‘Always in Dark Theme’ to lower the lights when you’re navigating, exploring, or getting things done with Maps. Change your mind? Just tap on ‘Always in Light Theme’ to switch it back”, Google says.

Finally, for blind or visually-impaired users, Google is releasing a new version of TalkBack, the Android screen reader.

Talkback now has more intuitive gestures, a unified menu, and a new reading control menu; the app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Google is also rolling out other updates for Android users as a part of its new operating system. This includes a new notification panel, privacy features, and widgets.

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