Google Commits to Using Recycled Materials In All Products By 2022

Say Contributor

Google has announced that by 2022, all their “Made By Google” products will include recycled material. What Goes Around The search engine giant is making a commitment to sustainability by using recyclable material seemingly as much as possible. Going forward, it will use reused material in all of its Pixelbook computers and phones, and has already begun using recycled plastic in its Chromecast streaming sticks. And by next year, all of its product shipments will be carbon neutral. The company also will prioritize the use of cargo ships over air delivery, thus lowering overall emissions. Make It Last Another sustainability initiative is that Google’s designers will now ensure that all of their products last as long as possible (as the less products one needs to buy, the less overall plastic one is consuming), and to be easier to recycle once the ghost finally gives out. Another Green World Google’s moves to emphasize recyclability and sustainability is yet more proof that corporations now realize that customers and shareholders are demanding that companies do more to combat climate change, and that working to be more green and sustainable is quickly becoming a requirement for all companies now, especially technology companies. Apple uses recycled plastic, recycled aluminum, and recycled tin in its products, and reuses old iPhone batteries when making new ones. Microsoft proudly flaunts that it has been Carbon neutral since 2012, and Intel has recently committed to restoring local watersheds located near its facilities as a way to make up for the large quantities of water it uses while manufacturing its computer chips. -Michael Tedder Photo by REUTERS