Google Duo gets handful of new features to keep family and friends better connected

Google introduces new features that improve the quality and reliability of Duo video calls.

Google Duo, the company's own mobile video chat application, just launched four new features that will help users stay better connected with their loved ones as the weeks of lockdown drag on closer and closer to summer.

Google has announced that Duo, the brand's video-calling product, has gained four new features to enhance chats with family and friends. 

Over this upcoming week, calls will be updated with video codec technology that, even on low bandwidth connections, improves both the quality and reliability of videos. This means that the second new feature being introduced to Duo, which allows users to take pictures of special moments in a call, will result in high-quality photos. These images will then be automatically shared to all participants in the call.

Instead of eight group call members, the number has been increased to a dozen which will be even further increased "in the coming weeks." The brief video messages that users can send to one another when they can't call will also soon be able to be downloaded so that these special moments can be saved forever.

These new features are available where you can use Google Duo whether it's on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.