Google Maps has a new color scheme. And no, you can’t change it back.

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Avid Google Maps users may have recently noticed something different with the platform.

Users will start to notice a new color scheme throughout the map, both on desktop and mobile versions of the app.

The biggest change users will notice is roadways are no longer white and yellow. The roads now appear in various shades of gray.

Screenshot from Google Maps
Screenshot from Google Maps

Parks and other forest areas are a slightly different shade of green, while buildings are still gray and yellow.

Screenshot from Google Maps
Screenshot from Google Maps

The change was subtly announced in October with the changes rolling out widespread over the past several days.

Some users on X, formerly known as Twitter, began noticing the change last week. Not everyone is thrilled.

“Why has google maps changed its colors?” one user wrote.

Screenshot from Google Maps
Screenshot from Google Maps

Another wrote, “Why the hell did Google maps change the in app colors???”

Another user called the color choice “interesting.”

Another user complained about the bright colors and low contrast.

Screenshot from Google Maps
Screenshot from Google Maps

But not everyone hates the new colors.

“Okay but I kind of like the new Google Maps colors,” one user shared.

“Google maps new colors are very pleasing to look at,” another wrote.

9to5Google shared some side-by-side photos showing the old colors compared to the new colors.

Google also said buildings will be more realistic to help users find their way around better using their surroundings.

“And on highways, where some of the trickiest driving maneuvers often happen (like that annoying exit that requires you to quickly cross multiple lanes), you’ll see some improved lane details to help you feel prepared,” Google said.

Google Maps also added new information for electric vehicle charging stations, better search features, and what it calls “Immersive View for Routes,” which was announced back in May for select major cities and displays the route in multi-dimensional view overlayed on top of satellite imagery.

And to those users who don’t like the colors, there’s currently no way to revert back to the old color scheme. But that doesn’t mean that will always be the case.

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