Google’s most popular searches of 2021

Google’s top searches of 2021

NBA, Mega Millions, and Squid Game

were among the overall top 10 trending searches

Date: January 20, 2021

‘Mittens’ reached an all-time high in January globally

after Bernie Sanders sported knitted gloves

at the U.S. presidential inauguration

'How to be eligible for a stimulus check'

was the top trending 'how to be' search in the U.S.

Dogecoin was the top trending topic

in the 'how to pronounce' and 'where to buy' categories

Meme stocks like AMC and GameStop

were among the newly popular searches in 2021

Meghan and Harry's interview became the most searched interview

in Google Trends history globally

CBS's two-hour TV special, hosted by Oprah Winfrey, aired in March

TikTok pasta, bacon jam, birria tacos, and crockpot chicken

were among the top trending recipes

Daft Punk became the top trending break-up searched worldwide

after the electronic duo hung up their helmets in February

‘How many times has Italy won the Euros?’ spiked by 4,750% in July

after Italy won the UEFA European Championship for the second time

Search interest for skate parks reached a five-year high in August

as skateboarding made its Olympic debut at the Tokyo Games