Google needs 2.25 million subscribers to break even on NFL Sunday ticket: Analyst

Yahoo Finance Live anchors break down what YouTube TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket means for Google.

Video Transcript


BRAD SMITH: We all saw Google enter the NFL streaming space after it clinched a deal to provide NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV. But one analyst from Baird is saying the tech giant would have to rake in 2.25 million annual subscribers to reach a revenue breakeven point. That's just for breakeven.

So it comes down to the-- not necessarily the strength of schedule because they're going to have Sunday Ticket, which essentially gives viewers access to pretty much any game that's happening. You get some "Red Zone," highlight coverage there too. So we'll see how they can sell into the NFL fanbase.

JULIE HYMAN: Will that be the only place people can see those games?

BRAD SMITH: Not the only place, no.

BRIAN SOZZI: I believe--

JULIE HYMAN: So it's not exclusive?


BRIAN SOZZI: Yeah, they got the exclusive-- exclusive for out-of-market games. But this is a large number. And it really boils down to, do you want to pay for another streaming service? YouTube TV, I would argue, is not one of the more popular ones out there. Do you want another bill coming to your account every single month to catch these games?

BRAD SMITH: Well, I guess--

JULIE HYMAN: It depends on how big a football fan.

BRAD SMITH: Right, and how many viewers they can grow out in other regions too. India, that accounts for the largest consortium of users in YouTube too.