Google Play redesign confirmed in leaked image

Dan Graziano

Google Play Redesign

Earlier rumors claimed that Google (GOOG) is working on a redesign for its Play Store that would include brighter colors, bigger images and an overall cleaner look. Now, previous reports have seemingly been confirmed as YouTube employee Eileen Rivera posted a screenshot of the redesigned marketplace to her Google+ page on Sunday, Droid-Life reported. The image, which has since been deleted, includes a Google Play logo with a bone and dog dish, suggesting that the company is “dogfooding” the redesign with its employees. In addition to a brighter layout and larger images, the new Google Play Store is rumored to have all applications auto-update by default and will also no longer include an application download/install screen. Google is expected to unveil the redesign at its I/O Developers Conference in May. The leaked image follows below.

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