Google Project Tango Tablet Coming This Year for $1,024

screen shot 2014 06 05 at 1.17.02 pm
screen shot 2014 06 05 at 1.17.02 pm

Just a few short weeks before hosting its annual developer conference, Google has debuted a new high-powered tablet with 3D mapping capabilities. Part of the search giant's Project Tango initiative, the tablet is a $1,024 developer kit meant to help app makers create new and exciting software offerings.

Under development by Google's super high-tech Advanced Technologies and Projects, Project Tango is designed to help users create highly detailed 3D maps of their surroundings using a series of depth sensing cameras and 3D motion sensors. Inside, the 7-inch slate houses Nvidia's powerful Tegra K1 processor (with 192 graphics cores), 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

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According to Google, the new tablet could be used to capture the exact dimensions of your home before going furniture shopping, so you know how much space you'll need for that coffee table you've been eyeing. Project Tango could also let superstores create detailed indoor maps, or help the visually impaired easily move around an unfamiliar building.

Google predicts that Project Tango could also be used to make games more interactive by turning your home into an in-game world through the tablet's display.

The Mountain View-based company will begin selling the Project Tango Tablet DevKit later this year. We'll likely get a look at it before that, though, at Google I/O in San Francisco later this month. Check back with us with hands-on impressions then.

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