If you have Google Wifi, you need these brilliant, installation-free beacon mounts

Maren Estrada

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It’s pretty incredible how impressive Google Wifi’s coverage is when the system’s Wi-Fi access points are so tiny. As small as they are however, there’s an awesome accessory you can get that lets you completely move them out of sight in the smartest possible way. The Basstop Google Wifi Wall Mount Bracket holds a Google Wifi beacon in a clip mount and then the cord ravels behind it. Just plug it into a wall outlet behind some furniture or anywhere that’s out of the way, and you’re done. They’re typically $9 a piece, but you can get a 3-pack right now for just $14!

Here’s more info from the product page:

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  • 【Unique design】Especially designed for Google Wifi (Google Wifi is not included), original outlet mount designed to make installing your Google WiFi routers a snap and reduce cord clutter.
  • 【Convenient and Simple】Any open electrical outlet in your home can become a Google WiFi beacon, making the setup of your network so much simpler.
  • 【Easy to move】Can easily be moved from room to room, unlike all the other mounts on the market which require permanent placement.
  • 【Clean appearance】This Mount does not have any unnecessary embellishments.Looks clean and classic with your Google Wifi.
  • 【Useful】 Ports are open on the side and rear for installing data cables if desired; or simply use as a stand-alone beacon.

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