Google's Nest Hub gets a new, more personalized user interface

Google's Nest Hub Max will officially launch on September 9.

As spotted by 9To5Google, the new UI that was exclusive only to the unreleased Nest Hub Max has begun rolling out to the Nest Hub and third-party smart home devices.

Since 2019 Google I/O a few weeks ago, the company has been rolling out new features to consumer smart displays like more clock options and an easier way to access Routines. The Nest Hub Max, which debuted at the conference but isn't expected to hit the market until this summer, was powered by an updated version of the Google home device user interface.

On Saturday, 9To5Google discovered that this UI, which was exclusive to the Nest Hub Max, has begun rolling out to the standard Nest Hub as well as to third-party devices like those by Lenovo or JBL.

The biggest change to the Smart Device UI is the home screen. Instead of donning a white theme, users can now select the background which will blur as they swipe through the carousel of information cards.

The time and date displayed on the home screen has been enlarged, and the three-day weather forecast has been reduced to an icon accompanied by the current temperature paired with the highs and lows of the day.

Ultimately, this refresh makes the display both more personalized and a bit dimmer. According to 9To5Google, the update is probably tied to the newest version of the Google Home firmware which was released last Monday.