Google's 'Petri Dish' Doodle honours inventor Julius Richard Petri

London, May 31 (ANI): Google is commemorating the achievements of German bacteriologist and inventor of the Petri dish, Julius Richard Petri, on what would have been his 160th birthday by a doodle.

Richard Petri invented the Petri dish, which is crucial to the scientific discoveries from school to biotech labs, when he worked as an assistant to Robert Koch, the father of modern bacteriology, The Independent reports.

The doodle on the homepage shows the word 'Google' replaced by petri dishes in same Google colors, with a hand appearing to swab each of them, following which a user can watch as the bacteria grow.

The dish, which allows scientists to purify or clone bacterial colonies derived from single cells, allowing them to identify the bacteria causing diseases, is a simple invention that contributed to various other discoveries in science.

Petri died at the age of 69 in the year 1921, the report added. (ANI)