Goose's Hilarious Reaction to Seeing His Reflection in a Mirror Is Priceless

His owner is one lucky lady!

Two internet geese have captured our hearts. You might've seen these two before on Tiktok, @glen_and_honk, and if you haven't this is the video to watch. 

One of the geese, Glen, has a very special connection with his owner. In fact, he thinks his owner is his mate. So when he sees his reflection in the mirror, he immediately thinks the worst. He believes that reflect is trying to steal his mate! LOL! Watch his reaction because it seriously doesn't get funnier than this!

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O.M.G. Glen had no clue that it was actually him looking back in the mirror. All he cared about was making sure the reflection didn't steal his mate. He's clearly a very protective partner. LOL! "I want a man as faithful as this goose 😭🤲🏻," said @miaranam. Uhh, same! 

"He's thinking, 'He's so handsome! He's gonna steal my girl!!' 🤣," commented @wiggihaze. LOL! Glen was totally admiring how cute the goose in the mirror was, but he was still nervous his mate would like the reflection better. Little did he know it was actually him! No need to worry Glen, no one is going to steal your girl!

The other hilarious part about this video is Honk in the background. He didn't have a care in the world! "I aspire to have Honk’s stress level. No job, no relationship, no bills, just… honk," wrote @smoke_and_millers. LOL! Honk's attitude is what we should all be striving for. @ladyliliannavexx added, "Honk just be vibin lol." There needs to be motivational poster with Honk on it that says, 'Be like Honk!' It's a reminder we need daily!


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