GOP arguments against DC statehood are 'racist trash' -Rep. Jones

“One of my House Republican colleagues said that DC shouldn’t be a state because the district doesn’t have a landfill,” Jones said. ”My goodness, with all the racist trash my colleagues have brought to this debate I can see why they're worried about having a place to put it."

Republican lawmakers quickly objected to Jones' words. Eventually, he agreed to withdraw them, but added: "These desperate objections are about fear..."

The House on Thursday (April 22) narrowly voted, for the second time in less than a year, to make DC the 51st state, sending it to the Senate where it faces stiff Republican opposition.

By a vote of 216-208, the Democratic-controlled House approved the initiative with no Republican support.

The population of Washington, D.C., is heavily Democratic. As a state, it likely would elect two Democratic senators, potentially altering the balance of power in the Senate, which now has 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans.