GOP leaders talk guns, filibuster, border security

Senate Republican leaders weighed in on gun reform legislation, the fight with Democrats over the filibuster and border security on Tuesday. (March 23)

Video Transcript

I'm certainly open to the discussion. You know, we were in this place August of 2019 when we had another series of incidences. The then president was wrestling with whether or not he could support something.

What I'm not attracted to is something that doesn't work. And there have been deep-seated philosophical differences between Republicans and Democrats about how to deal with gun violence. One thing we do know for sure is that these shooters are invariably mentally incapacitated. Mentally incapacitated. This is a vexing problem that is extremely hard to identify in advance.

JONI ERNST: The filibuster is what makes the Senate the Senate. I have said it before, but we don't need two House of Representatives here in Washington DC. So maintaining the filibuster is very, very important. What we see from Democrats however, is that they want to get rid of the filibuster. And what we'd call that is a power grab.

JOHN BARRASSO: This is Joe Biden's crisis. He created it by his policies. Republicans have common sense solutions that would actually reverse this immediately. And it involves securing the border, enforcing the laws, and restoring the "Remain in Mexico" orders. If we don't do those things and the Biden administration doesn't adopt those, we will continue to suffer the security and the safety of this nation.