GOP Sen. Lankford: Biden should receive briefings

Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma says it's time for President-elect Joe Biden to get the intelligence briefings traditionally provided during a presidential transition. And he says he'll step in if that doesn't begin by Friday. (Nov. 12)

Video Transcript

JAMES LANKFORD: During the entire campaign, since this past summer, Joe Biden and President Trump, who always receives it, have received intelligence briefings every day. Once you get past the convention time, both candidates receive that, because you don't know who is going to be the president. That's continued throughout the campaign. That's now stopped for Joe Biden.

I think we should continue that, because we still don't know who the president's going to be at this point. And so we should be in the same posture that we ran throughout the whole campaign, with both of them receiving briefings as they're both trying to be able to prepare, and then allow the process to be able to go through right now.

Because at this point, there are a lot of questions about a lot of states. I completely trust the president trying to be able to push some of these issues. There are unresolved issues that we find in multiple states. We don't know what the quantities are yet. People said, it may be a big number. Maybe it's [INAUDIBLE]. We don't know yet. But we know there are issues.

So allow the legal process to go through. Allow the hand recount to happen in Georgia. And once we get all past that, then we'll know who the actual winner is. But at this point, we don't know, so both sides should be receiving briefings just like they were before.

Bill Clinton allowed Gore and Bush both to receive intel briefings. But Clinton held that for a long time and didn't do it immediately. And the 9/11 Commission later came back and said, hey, that was a mistake. Both of them should have been getting access to that. So for me, this is just an issue of saying, let's learn the lesson of 2000, and let's make sure that both sides are prepared.