Gore, Otto face off for Huber Heights Mayor

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Oct. 9—Huber Heights mayor Jeff Gore is up for reelection this year, and current at-large city councilman Glenn Otto will oppose him in the Nov. 2 election.

Gore has been in the seat for the last four years. He is a government teacher at Wayne High School.

Otto has served on city council since 2016. He is an insurance agent with Otto and Associates and his wife, Andi, owns the company.

The two men frequently clash during city council meetings.


Under Gore's leadership, the city has gained thousands of residents and several new businesses. In the last 10 years, the city has gained more than 5,300 residents.

"I've had a vision for what I wanted the city to become, and people believed in my vision, and it didn't require me to be on council," Gore said. "They just believed that I could do what I said I wanted to do it. And here we are."

Gore said the economic growth is something he's proud of. Four years ago, there was a narrative the city was broke, he said. But he says he feels the narrative has changed and more people are moving to Huber Heights.

"We've created an environment where more people wanted to be, where businesses wanted to be," Gore said.

Gore said he feels the momentum should keep going forward.

"We are on a very successful trajectory," Gore said. "And we'll want to keep that progress and momentum moving forward."

He said people should reelect him based on the recent results in Huber Heights.


Otto says he feels the city could be run better.

"To be completely honest, I just don't feel that things are being run properly right now," he said. "I think the current mayor has adopted more of a strong mayor stance in the way he tries to run things."

Otto says he believes communication is a major issue. He says he often learns of problems or ideas through word of mouth or on Facebook rather than through city council channels.

Otto says communication with residents could also be improved, and the current city also needs to be revitalized.

Otto says he wants to see improved roads on the south end of town, which has seen less development.

Otto said some people have accused him of being anti- new development, but that is not true. Private development is something he supports.

"But there are other cases where the city kind of has a little bit more control. And you know, that's where we need to weigh what do we feel the community needs," Otto said.


Coming Sunday

The Dayton Daily News will profile eight people running for Huber Heights city council.

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