Gorgeous Spring Weekend Ahead

Sunny with temps in the 60s and 70s!

Video Transcript

- You know what? Today, maybe the best way to enjoy the weather is to sit outside, the back porch and work remotely from there. Because it's gorgeous outside, Erin.

ERIN MORAN: It is just so beautiful out. It's a little chilly maybe for some of you, but we're going to see the temperatures warm up into this afternoon. But we started in the 30s and 40s this morning, so no wonder it was so cold. 38 in Fort Worth and Denton, 34 in Bowie, just a couple of degrees below that freezing mark.

But of course, we had the clear skies. We had the winds kind of lightened up overnight. So those are a couple of ingredients where we see just a pretty nice cooldown into the overnight hours. But a beautiful sunrise. We had some high, puffy clouds this morning.

And now into this afternoon, mostly sunny skies. And that sunshine has been able to warm us into the low to mid-60s. We've got a few spots in the mid-50s.

Minneola, Tyler, Athens 55 to 57 degrees. But right now, McKinney, you are sitting at 63. Denton and Fort Worth also there, 65 degrees currently in Dallas. And these temperatures are all at least a couple of degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday. The breeze is still there out of the north-northeast, but it's lightened up significantly from the last couple of days. Gusting a little higher, at times.

We've seen those gusts around 20 miles an hour in Dallas and Fort Worth. Even a 29-mile an hour wind gust in Denton. But no wind advisories in place. We don't have to worry about that.

And of course, we are just looking forward to spring. Officially starting tomorrow at 4:37 AM. So hopefully, you're still sleeping at that point. You just get to enjoy it into the afternoon. But our average high for March 20 is 69 degrees. Our average low is 48 degrees.

I think we're going to be below both of those as we get into your Saturday. Upper 30s and low to mid 40s expected to start your Saturday off. But we've got plenty of sunshine in the forecast. You don't have to worry about any rain, if you've got those early morning errands, or maybe you just want to get to the park in the afternoon. 66 degrees with those sunny skies and east southeast wind at 5 to 10 miles an hour on Saturday.

Sunday, it actually gets a little bit warmer. We've got mostly sunny skies. More of a breeze out of the southeast at 10 to 20 miles an hour, and temperatures warming up to 71 degrees. Of course, no relief from the allergens in sight. They are in that high category.

Oak, hackberry, and maple the main culprits with this. Now, we do have a little bit of rain in the forecast starting next week. Of course, this weekend just kind of features that high pressure. So that's why we see the sunny skies. We see the warming trend.

But you notice into early next week, you start to see that upper level low getting a little bit closer to us. Well, that's where the rain comes back into the forecast. So enjoy the sunshine while we've got it. Rain chances at 40% on Monday, and then up to 50% by next Thursday.