Goshen Health releases statement about new lawsuit

Aimee Ambrose, Goshen News, Ind.
·1 min read

Apr. 8—GOSHEN — Goshen Health issued a statement Wednesday in response to a new malpractice lawsuit against the health care provider.

The suit, filed April 1, cites counts of negligence and malpractice while alleging Goshen Health performed surgeries on more than 1,000 patients with equipment that might not have been properly sterilized between April 1 and Sept. 30, 2019.

The case, with more than 300 plaintiffs signed onto it, stems from a letter the provider sent in November 2019, alerting patients a technician had failed to complete one step in a multi-step sterilization process at Goshen Hospital. The situation could have potentially exposed patients in the April — September timeframe to hepatitis C, hepatitis B and HIV.

The new lawsuit joins one that was previous filed within days of the announcement in 2019.

In response to the new case, Goshen Health released a statement:

"Goshen Health remains committed to working closely and carefully with our patients to provide ongoing care. As this involves pending litigation, we are unable to provide any further comments.