Goshen library hosts open house event

Jan. 24—GOSHEN — The Goshen Public Library hosted an open house event Tuesday, dealing with possible future residential and other growth for the city.

"We're hoping for several hundred [people]," Planner Crystal Welsh, with Abonmarche, said prior to the beginning of the event. Abonmarche has partnered with the city of Goshen to develop a growth strategy for the city.

Welsh said the purpose of the event was to have a "feedback loop," with respect to the issues of housing density and to gather public input on what kind of development they would like to see.

The event featured several display posters which included a breakdown of information obtained by web surveys, prior community input sessions and focus groups, much of the input from which was that many want more residential growth.

"That also included wanting to see more parks, trails and events downtown — kind of the social aspects of a community," Welsh added. "It's not just about more, but about making sure there is more to do and retaining a high quality of life."

In conjunction with city staff, the growth strategy plan is expected to take four to five months, with a Geographic Information Systems tool being made to develop a future land use map which is expected to be completed in the fall.

To learn more, visit goshenindiana.com/growthstrategy.

Steve Wilson is news editor for The Goshen News. You can reach him at steve.wilson@goshennews.com.