‘Got Right Back In’: Texas Southern University Brass Player Knocks Out Rowdy Fan Who’s Screaming In His Face Then Seamlessly Continues Performance, Video Shows

Administrators at Texas Southern University have initiated an investigation into a physical altercation that occurred during their school’s football game against one of the school’s sports rivals, Jackson State University, on Saturday, Nov. 4.

A now-viral video shows that during the performance, a member of the crowd confronted a TSU Ocean of Soul band member while the musician was playing alongside his colleagues. While the clip is 10 seconds, over 3 million people saw how the disruptive fan got up in the brass player’s face.

Texas Southern University Brass Player Knocks Out Rowdy Fan Who's Screaming In His Face Then Seamlessly Continues Performance, Video Shows
Texas Southern University band member punches man who confronts him during performance. (Photo: X video screenshot/@theekaylan)

In a surprising turn of events, the sousaphone player, without missing a beat, delivered a series of punches to the rowdy fan’s face and seamlessly returned to playing in perfect harmony with the rest of the band.

The first video, which was posted on the X platform, had no sound and did not give context to what was happening before the incident, but it does show that the fan was knocked out and was lying flat in the bleachers.


However, another longer video has emerged that gives insight into what made the musician snap. The person from the crowd was shouting at the student loudly and aggressively. His fists appeared to be balled up as someone from TSU approached from behind to possibly deescalate the scene. But before the third party walked over, the student socked him in the face and knocked him out.

Several people on social media weighed in on the incident, with people marveling, “Lol, he ain’t even stop playing music” and “Got right back in the pocket.”

Someone joked, “Marching band turns into marching hands,” and another person warned, “Don’t mess with a man who can march and dance with a sousaphone on. He’s lucky he didn’t get hit with the horn instead of the hand.”

The school released a statement regarding the incident.

“Texas Southern University is aware of an incident involving a member of the Ocean of Soul marching band during a recent away game. The incident is under investigation,” the school said.

TSU also said it was “implementing additional measures to ensure the safety of all band members during performances.”

Jackson State University, which beat TSU 21-19, has not released a statement regarding the incident.

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