Got beef with an ex? This shelter will put their name in a litter box and let cats handle the rest

You could be bitter, or you could be bitter while also supporting animals in need.

An Ohio animal shelter is charging $5 to write your ex's name, put it in a litter box and let shelter cats handle the rest.

"On Valentine’s Day we will post a video on Facebook showcasing all of the names we receive, in the litterboxes," the Animal Friends Humane Society wrote on its website.

The shelter says participants can pay for the customized litter box via Venmo if they include the poop emoji and the name they'd like written in the comments. They can also visit the shelter, make a cash donation and add an ex's name to a jar in-person.

Anna Friedman, executive director of the Animal Friends Humane Society, said Thursday that the shelter has received more than $3,400 in support from the campaign.

"Some generous folks have donated more than the $5 for a single name," she wrote in an email.

Donations will be accepted until Feb. 12.

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Social media users react to the fundraiser

Some social media users found this year's kitty litter fundraiser hilarious and cracked a few jokes.

"My ex has a very common name ... can I buy additional rocks and give a middle name and DOB?" wrote one Facebook user. "I want to make sure (there's) no confusion."

But not everyone found the fundraiser entertaining.

"I am all for making money and helping pets but this is a terrible idea," wrote another social media user. "It is quite childish. I can't believe your organization is ok with this."

Friedman, from the shelter, said it appears the "vast majority of people are finding it to be in good fun and cracking light-hearted jokes about it."

"We understand this isn't a campaign that everyone wants to support but overall we feel it's a fun way to engage with our community and bring awareness to our organization," she said.

The fundraiser isn't the first of its kind. Previous campaigns have allowed visitors to name cockroaches after an ex and have them fed to animals, including events at the San Antonio Zoo and the El Paso Zoo.

There's also the Salisbury Zoological Park, where community members can buy mealworms or crickets and name them after exes this year.

Anti-lovebirds can choose to have the mealworms or crickets fed to a tawny frogmouth, spotted turtle, basilisk, cotton-top tamarin or black-tufted marmoset, wrote The Salisbury Daily Times, part of the USA TODAY Network.

Some organizations such as the Bronx Zoo, even allow folks to name cockroaches in honor of current partners for $15.

"Give your sweetheart a Valentine’s Day gift that keeps the romance going all year round," the zoo posted on its website. "Name a Bronx Zoo Madagascar hissing cockroach after your sweetie and show them your love is eternal."

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