'He Got It, Dude!' Dolphin Steals Fisherman's Catch

A couple of brothers out for a fishing trip in Panama City Beach, Florida, didn’t expect to have to fight a dolphin for their catch.

Siblings Stephen and John Allen and their brother-in-law were in Panama City Beach for a family vacation. A dolphin had already swum up and stolen a fish from their brother-in-law by the time Stephen took his phone out and started recording.

John then hooked a fish, but the dolphin soon latched onto it.

“He got it, dude!” Stephen yells in the video as John tries to wrench his catch from the creature.

“By the time I reeled the fish in, only the head was left on the hook. The dolphin came right up waiting for the rest of it,” John said.

Stephen posted the video on his Instagram account on August 26. Credit: @sallen2417 via Storyful