'I Got Lucky': Deputy Michael Hutton Grateful For Community's Support

With three bullet wounds and in a wheelchair, Lincoln County Sheriff Deputy Mike Hutton emerged from Swedish Hospital in Englewood to the salutes and relief of his comrades.

Video Transcript

KAREN LEIGH: Deputy Michael Hutton receives a hero's welcome in Limon. Coloradans lined the streets. They cheered and they waved flags in his honor. That deputy was injured in an ambush attack. He is finally home.

JIM BENEMANN: And well on the road to recovery. Deputy Hutton though, was shot three times, responding to this burglary call off I-70 in Lincoln County. The Air Force veterans body camera, helped identify the suspect that day. CBS4's Rick Sallinger live with more on the courageous deputy's recovery. And Rick, boy, leaving the hospital is a big milestone.

RICK SALLINGER: Oh, it certainly is, Jim. Hard to believe it was just last Thursday we woke up to the news that a Lincoln County Sheriff's deputy had been shot multiple times. And now, he's left this hospital and gone home with his own squad car. With three bullet wounds and in a wheelchair, Deputy Mike Hutton emerged from Swedish Hospital to the salutes and relief of family, friends, and comrades.

MICHAEL YOWELL: It is an honor and it is a privilege to be here today to get him home.

RICK SALLINGER: It was just last Thursday morning a call came in of someone trying to break into a semi-trailer outside of Limon. Deputy Hutton responded and was met with gunfire.

MICHAEL YOWELL: He was shot in the torso as well as the arms multiple times. He took three rounds total.

RICK SALLINGER: A manhunt took place in the early morning fog. Other departments were called in to take part in the manhunt for a person they knew had already shot one of their own. The gunman, from Ohio, was later found dead after taking his life. The outcome could have been much different, but here was deputy Hutton leaving the hospital far sooner than expected.

MIKE HUTTON: I'm feeling much better now. Just happy to go home.

RICK SALLINGER: And so were a lot of others.

MIKE HUTTON: Thank you for all your support everybody. Thank you, everyone.

RICK SALLINGER: Thank you. Good luck.

MIKE HUTTON: Yeah. I got lucky. I got lucky.

RICK SALLINGER: Lucky and with the gratitude of his colleagues and those he serves. And as you saw, he arrived back home in Lincoln County in Limon to a hero's welcome. At Swedish Hospital, Rick Sallinger, Covering Colorado First.