FEMA provides grants for temporary housing, home repairs in Texas' aid

Assistance will include grants for temporary housing and home repairs and more. Here's where to go to apply for help.

Video Transcript

GREG ABBOTT: If you live in a location that is not covered by insurance, you may have the possibility of getting assistance from FEMA. As you know, I requested a federal disaster declaration, and that was granted. One thing that comes along that is FEMA assistance. Part of that FEMA assistance goes to what's called public assistance that works on the rebuilding of large municipal and governmental-based facilities.

Another component would be individual assistance. In order to qualify for individual assistance, there are certain dollar metrics that must be met before a location qualifies. So what we need homeowners to do is if you are without insurance, if you live in a region where you may be covered by FEMA, we need everyone to keep receipts of any cost that you have occurred as a result of any type of repair to your property that's needed as a consequence of this winter storm.