Gov: Calif. could vaccinate more with supply boost

California is increasing the number of vaccines it distributes but could do much more if the supply was available, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday. (Feb. 22)

Video Transcript

GAVIN NEWSOM: It's also important and significant to highlight this stubborn fact, there's not enough vaccinations. There's not enough doses. There's not enough vaccines to accommodate the need and demand.

Just at this site, they're running about a third of capacity. Sites all across the state of California are toggling back, based upon limited supply. It's simply not what we're capable of administering, meaning we could do exponentially more, but nonetheless, we are seeing modest improvement week to week, and that's allowing us to not only take care of vaccinating the vaccinators and vaccinating our most vulnerable, our seniors, but as the mayor has been doing for now weeks and weeks, vaccinating our teachers as well so we can get our kids back into in-person instruction.