Gov. Cox and Gov. Polis unite to ‘save your family dinner’ on Thanksgiving

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Utah Gov. Spencer Cox (R) and Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) united to help “save your family dinners” on Thanksgiving from contentious disagreement in a new video promoting Cox’s “Disagree Better” initiative.

In the video, the two governors share different scenarios, such as being halfway through a second helping of mashed potatoes when your “MAGA Uncle” shares election conspiracy theories or your “woke niece” shares some controversial fact she read on social media.

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“Or maybe, you’re the one with the strong opinions,” exclaimed Polis in the video. “You know you’re right and the other side is a bunch of misguided weirdos.”

Cox and Polis said it’s OK to disagree – while Cox disagreed with Polis clarifying that it is crucial to have healthy disagreements.

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“Healthy disagreement means not assuming that the other side is diluted, misinformed, or actively trying to overthrow America,” said Cox.

“A little respect and curiosity keep resentment off the dinner table,” said Polis.

The idea to “Disagree Better” comes from Cox’s initiative as the Chair of the National Governor’s Association. Through the initiative, Cox hopes that governors across America can lead as an example for politicians throughout all stages of government to have healthy debates to solve conflicts. Through the healthy debate, the Disagree Better initiative will reduce divisive polarization.

“So next time, your uncle, your niece or anyone else brings up that one topic that just drives you nuts, take a deep breath,” said Cox.

“Be curious, ask questions,” said Polis. “If you still disagree, that’s OK, but you might find that you aren’t as far apart as you think.”

Cox followed up by saying conflict isn’t bad but the way Americans disagree is what matters. The two governors ended the video by calling on Americans to join them in showing the “right kind of conflict” and disagree better.

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