Gov. Cuomo applauds NY's still-dropping coronavirus numbers, says he's 'alarmed' by states with rising cases

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NEW YORK — Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered more good news Saturday in the state’s ongoing fight battle against COVID-19 while expressing his dismay over the growing number of cases in the nation’s hot spots.

The latest statewide New York numbers continued to decline, with the number of hospitalized patients down by 22 on Friday compared to the day before. The number of newly admitted patients stood at 65, down six from Thursday, while the number of intensive care unit patients stood at 172 — a reduction of seven patients.

Another 94 New Yorkers were discharged from hospitals, boosting that figure to 72,064 statewide, Cuomo said.

“As New York continues to show progress combating COVID-19 with low hospitalizations and a low rate of positive cases, we remain alarmed by the spikes in much of the country and the risk of a lack of compliance at home,” he said.

New York’s declining numbers stand in stark contrast with recent jumps in hot spots like Florida, Louisiana and Texas. The national death toll stands at more than 139,000, with more than 3.6 million confirmed cases.

“New Yorkers’ vigilance, courage and adoption of basic behaviors — mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing — has driven our ability to control the virus, and we have to continue on that path to success,” he said.

“I urge everyone to stay New York tough and New York smart,” said the governor.


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