Gov. Cuomo's favorability rating dips to 40 percent, Siena Poll finds

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Steven Cook, The Daily Gazette, Schenectady, N.Y.
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LOUDONVILLE — Gov. Andrew Cuomo's favorability rating has dipped to 40 percent amid a series of controversies, including allegations of sexual harassment and his handling of nursing homes during the pandemic.

His favorability rating has dipped to 40 percent positive and 52 percent negative, the poll out Monday found.

Those numbers are down from 43-45 in March and 56-39 in February, according to the poll.

About half of New Yorkers continue to say that he should not resign — 51-37 percent — and that he can effectively do his job — 52-38 percent, the poll found.

Those polled also continued to approve of Cuomo's handling of the pandemic, 60-32 percent, basically the same as last month, 60-33 percent.

Forty-two percent of those polled, however, also believed Cuomo committed sexual harassment. Twenty-two believed he did not, while 34 percent remained undecided, the poll found. Those numbers were 35 percent yes, 24 percent no and 41 percent undecided last month.

"Voters to Andrew Cuomo: 'we've got some good news and some bad news,'" Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg said in a statement. "On the one hand, his favorability rating is now the lowest it has ever been, with more than 50 percent of voters viewing Cuomo unfavorably for the very first time in a Siena College poll. On the other hand, a majority of voters — including Democrats by two-to-one and a plurality of independents — continue to say that Cuomo should not resign, and a similar majority say he can still effectively do his job as governor."

The poll also found 33 percent of voters prepared to re-elect Cuomo next year, if he runs, compared to 57 percent who preferred "someone else." Those numbers were down from 34-52 in March and 46-45 in February.

The poll also found that the downward movement for Cuomo came from Democrats and independents. Republicans had already had Cuomo at low levels, but independents and Democrats moved down. The poll found the largest movement among Democrats.

Democrats prepared to re-elect Cuomo stood at 65-26 in February. The current poll found that number ta 46-43 percent.

Cuomo's favorability rating among Democrats is also down significantly since he recorded 78-18 percent numbers in February. The current poll had that at 56-37 percent.


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