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Gov. DeSantis Announces Narvarro Pharmacies, CVS Y Mas Will Begin COVID Vaccinations

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Miami-Dade residents 65 and older will be able to make an appointment for a COVID vaccination at every Navarro Discount Pharmacy and every CVS y mas pharmacy in Miami-Dade. Read more: https://cbsloc.al/37FWLaM

Video Transcript

MARYBEL RODRIGUEZ: First at noon, expanding access. Governor Ron DeSantis stopped in South Florida this morning to reveal new places seniors will soon be able to get their coronavirus shots. But that wasn't the only headline from his news conference in Hialeah. Good afternoon. I'm Marybel Rodriguez.

Distribution disagreement between the governor and city leadership also took center stage-- literally. CBS 4's Brooke Shafer joins us live from Hialeah to explain. Brooke?

BROOKE SHAFER: Hey, Marybel. Starting this week, people 65 and up have another place where they can go to get that COVID vaccine. The governor made the announcement this morning here in Hialeah. But the mayor of Hialeah wasn't invited to that announcement. They've had several disagreements, and this morning was no different.

Inside the Navarro off East 25th Street in Hialeah on Tuesday morning, Governor Ron DeSantis announced more COVID vaccine opportunities for people 65 and up.

RON DESANTIS: Starting tomorrow, seniors age 65 and older in Miami-Dade County will be able to schedule an appointment to get vaccinated at every single one of the 31 Navarro Discount Pharmacies in Miami-Dade County and every single one of the 35 CVS ymas stores in Miami-Dade County.

BROOKE SHAFER: 15 CVS stores across the state will also start giving out the vaccine, that includes one in Miami-Dade and two in Broward County.

RON DESANTIS: This is something that people go to in their daily lives, so we're really excited.

BROOKE SHAFER: The governor said Tuesday each site will have about 100 shots a day.

RON DESANTIS: We're probably getting close to almost 2 and 1/2 million seniors that have had a shot.

BROOKE SHAFER: The governor made the announcement in Hialeah, surrounded by Miami-Dade leaders. Who wasn't invited? The mayor of Hialeah, Carlos Hernandez. He showed up anyway, and there was this moment at the end of the press conference.

CARLOS HERNANDEZ: Governor! The mayor of Hialeah. How are you, sir? We would like to speak. I'm very grateful to CVS and Navarro that they did this. But first of all, I was not invited to this, just like I was not invited to a previous meeting, even though Hialeah is one of the city's most affected by COVID.

BROOKE SHAFER: Governor DeSantis and Hialeah's mayor have publicly disagreed with each other. Tuesday morning's apparent invite snub the continuation of their feud over vaccine distribution.

CARLOS HERNANDEZ: They've talked about no politics. You saw it here in plain picture. But the important thing is and what I wanted to let the governor know is that the local governments are ready to work-- to help CVS and these places distribute these vaccinations.

BROOKE SHAFER: So back to this morning's big announcement though, the governor said those new stores will start getting their vaccines probably later today, and then you can start making appointments tomorrow. We have the information on how you can do that on our website cbsmiami.com. I'm live in Hialeah. Brooke Shafer, CBS 4 News.