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Gov. Hogan Recognizes Faith Leaders For Role In Getting COVID Vaccines Administered Across Maryland

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Gov. Larry Hogan joined faith leaders Tuesday at M&T Bank Stadium to continue to encourage all Marylanders to get vaccinated.

Video Transcript

- Well, tonight Governor Hogan teaming up with faith leaders working to encourage all Marylanders to get vaccinated. WJZ love at M&T Bank Stadium tonight. That is where today's meeting took place. Stetson. Miller has why the support of faith leaders is really critical in the vaccination effort. Stetson.

STETSON MILLER: Rick, faith-based leaders said here today that there's been a significant increase in vaccination thanks to part of the work that they're doing here.

Governor Hogan met with dozens of faith-based leaders today at M&T Bank Stadium to recognize them for their efforts getting the COVID-19 vaccine distributed across the state.

LARRY HOGAN: I want to particularly thank all of our faith leaders for the critically important role that each of you are playing in helping us accomplish this lifesaving mission.

STETSON MILLER: Religious leaders have been key partners for Maryland's Vaccine Equity Task Force, which focuses on getting doses of the vaccine into underserved communities. They've been hosting vaccination clinics at their places of worship and informing parishioners of the safety of the vaccine.

JANEEN BIRCKHEAD: We've increased shots in 50% of those communities where we've been working. This wouldn't have happened without the faith-based community.

STETSON MILLER: First, Mount Olive Freewill Baptist Church in Linthicum Heights held a clinic, directly bringing doses of the vaccine to members of its congregation last month.

- A number of our seniors said went on the sites, and they just had difficulty navigating through the system.

STETSON MILLER: But the clinic made it possible for members of the church to get the vaccine who otherwise may have had a hard time accessing it.

- To find out if we could get it through the church was a great relief.

STETSON MILLER: And the Vaccine Equity Task Force has helped administer over 10,000 doses across the state, many of which are clinics that are places of worship. We're live outside M&T Bank Stadium. Stetson Miller for WJZ.