Gov. Katie Hobbs didn’t disappear for a day, our common sense did. And not just for a day

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs
Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs
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The biggest nonstory story of the week (and that’s saying something these days) was what Fox News idiotically described as the “mysterious disappearance of Gov. Katie Hobbs.”

First, it was not mysterious.

Second, she did not disappear.

A simple phone call could have cleared it up.

As in:

Katie Hobbs went to Taiwan and D.C.

FOX NEWS: Where is Gov. Hobbs?

HOBBS’ OFFICE: She has been on a weeklong trade mission to Taiwan and then met on Wednesday with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to discuss border issues.

FOX NEWS: Oh … then she’s back?

HOBBS’ OFFICE: She was here on Thursday to meet with President Joe Biden during his stop in the Valley.

I have no idea who Hobbs is. Does anyone?

FOX NEWS: So, no disappearance?


FOX: Ummm. Our bad.

That didn’t happen.

Why must everything be a conspiracy?

Instead, a story that was never a story went viral, something that occurs just about every day in America because, as a national collective, we have lost ... our ... minds.

The QAnon and MAGA kooks among us have managed to turn anything and everything into a conspiracy that certain elements of the media — desperate for ratings or internet traffic or attention from other media outlets or internet sites — will run with.

So, to review.

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs did not disappear.

However, our common sense is currently missing and unaccounted for.

And no one appears to be searching for it.

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This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: Gov. Katie Hobbs did NOT disappear. Our common sense did