Gov. Kemp confirms COVID-19 variant in Georgia

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has confirmed that one of the new virus variants has been detected in the state. He also said he hopes to soon expand the pool of residents who are eligible for the vaccine. (Jan. 26)

Video Transcript

BRIAN KEMP: We've identified one of the new variants of COVID-19 here in Georgia. And much like the early days of the pandemic, there are many unanswered questions regarding how deadly and how easily transmissible they may be.

There has been a lot of public conversation about educators and school staff and those with developmental disabilities being made eligible for the vaccine beyond those current seniors and otherwise eligible. I can assure everyone watching today that I hear these concerns and I share your hope that we can vaccinate these deserving Georgians soon. The truth is we do not yet have enough vaccine for those most at risk of serious complications or death from this virus.