Gov. Newsom Praises Farm Workers In Coachella Valley

While visiting a vaccine clinic in the Coachella Valley, Gov. Newsom took time to praise the farm workers who have been providing food without interruption during the pandemic. Amy Johnson reports.

Video Transcript

AMY JOHNSON: Governor Gavin Newsom toured a vaccination site in the Coachella Valley this morning, where he thanked the farming region for their essential work during the pandemic.

GAVIN NEWSOM: These things don't just magically arrive at the grocery store. There are folks out there every single day in 120 degree heat that makes sure these arrive on your grocery store. And that's a remarkable thing. And we're here to celebrate them-- truly essential workers here in this state and all across this country, but particularly here in our state.

We're here to identify their remarkable contribution to our state and nation, but also to recognize our unique responsibility to do more and do better to support them. And you know, frankly--

AMY JOHNSON: The governor has recently visited vaccination sites here in LA, San Francisco, and San Diego to highlight the state's efforts to ramp up vaccinations. So far, the state has reached more than six million doses.