Gov. Pritzker To Sign Criminal Justice Reform Bill

Sources late Sunday confirmed Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker will sign a new criminal justice reform bill into law on Monday.

Video Transcript

- New, tonight, sources confirm Governor J.B Pritzker will sign a new criminal justice reform bill tomorrow. The legislation adds cash bail. The measure allows defendants to go free at a judge's discretion without bail while they await trial. Some law enforcement groups have criticized the measure saying it will undermine public safety.

Experts we spoke to say states with similar laws have not seen an increased risk to the community.

ELGIE SIMS JR: Some of the backlash that you are hearing, that you're talking about, it's partisan in nature. So it shows me that it is not about policy. It's about politics.

DAVID WELTER: There are some provisions in the bill that do take time to accomplish. So they don't necessarily, the bill's signed, and they have to be implemented tomorrow. There are portions of this bill that will be one, two years out.

- The bill also requires all police officers to wear body cameras.