Gov. Walz Proposes Laws To Help Working Mothers In MN

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William Bornhoft
·1 min read
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TWIN CITIES, MN — Two measures in Gov. Tim Walz's "COVID-19 recover budget" aim to help working mothers in Minnesota. One measure would expand unpaid leave benefits to more mothers. The other proposal would ensure nursing mothers are given paid breaks during work.

Here are the details of the proposals from the governor's office:

Provide Unpaid Leave and Pregnancy Accommodations

Governor Walz proposes to extend access to unpaid leave and pregnancy accommodations to workers who don’t qualify due to their employer’s size or the length of their employment. The proposal supports children and families as well as workers who need access to leave or pregnancy accommodations in the workplace.

Support Nursing Mothers

Governor Walz proposes to expand existing law to require that nursing mothers receive paid break time to pump breast milk at work, so they won’t have to make the difficult choice between getting paid and supporting healthy babies.

Other proposals aimed at helping Minnesota workers include the following:

  • Provide COVID-19 emergency paid leave.

  • Establish a paid family and medical leave insurance benefit.

  • Provide reliable access to public transportation.

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This article originally appeared on the Southwest Minneapolis Patch