Should the Government push ahead with reopening on June 21? Telegraph readers have their say

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A handout photograph released by the UK Parliament shows Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson (L) listening as Britain's Health Secretary Matt Hancock gives a COVID-19 update statement to a hybrid, socially distanced session in the House of Commons - JESSICA TAYLOR /AFP
A handout photograph released by the UK Parliament shows Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson (L) listening as Britain's Health Secretary Matt Hancock gives a COVID-19 update statement to a hybrid, socially distanced session in the House of Commons - JESSICA TAYLOR /AFP

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said that the Government is "absolutely open" to delaying the June 21 unlocking, which suggests that England may have to wait a little longer before it can abandon lockdown restrictions.

Instead, there are reports that a two-week delay until July 5 is under discussion by scientists and civil servants and The Telegraph understands that the use of face masks, social distancing and advice on working from home are unlikely to be lifted on June 21, amid concern over the Indian variant.

Read on for the best discussion points from our readers and share your own view in the comments section at the bottom of this article.

'We can’t keep sacrificing freedom'

@Luke Koleth:

"To push back the June 21 reopening is, quite frankly, the most predictable thing this current government could do.

"They claim to look at the data but, evidently, the data suggests that reopening will not be devastating whatsoever. We can’t keep sacrificing freedom every time a new 'scarient' comes forth.

"The vaccines are working, but rather than reopening early, our government shivers at the thought of media scrutiny and the tantrums of the minority."

'The madness must end'

@Peter Menage:

"The June 21 date should not be delayed. People have had enough of perpetual U-turns, moving of goalposts and mission creep. Cases are irrelevant if they do not translate into hospitalisations and deaths.

"The vulnerable are protected with the vaccine and the NHS isn’t at any risk of being overwhelmed. This madness and hysteria must end now."

'Don’t panic into changing the roadmap'

@Len Charlton:

"This hysteria for an early decision is ridiculous.

"Of course it should not be announced now. The roadmap out of lockdown was clearly laid out before step one on March 8. This has worked perfectly up to now. Don’t panic into changing it."

'If we are to live with Covid, now is the time'

@Neil Treece:

"There have been some tough decisions made. Now the government needs to make the toughest yet and show the vaccine programme is indeed the route out of lockdown and remove all restrictions on June 21. If we are to live with Covid, now is the time."

'Time to keep calm and carry on'

@Charlotte Graham:

"Everything has been done. Lockdowns. Social distancing. Masks. Traffic light plans. Travel restrictions. Vaccinations. The country must now open up because it is time to treat Covid as endemic.

"People will riot out of despair if restrictions are not finally lifted for something we’ve lived in abeyance to for months. It's time to keep calm and carry on."

'It is easy to throw stones'

@Stefan Dae:

"The fools are those that don't try to use scientific models as they are the only way to verify that a process is understood. Errors are high because public compliance with controls depends on a perception of risk, and this is an exponential process where actions have to be taken before an uneducated public understands the need for them.

"Those throwing stones, regarding the government's use of models, need to ask if palm reading will be a better way to protect the population."

'The correct decisions'

@Tad Stone:

"The Government is doing the right thing, and making the correct decisions."

'We cannot continue to ruin the lives of millions'

@Ian Robert:

"We have vaccinated the vulnerable and those not vaccinated now are mostly in the younger age groups who are at very low risk of getting seriously ill.

"Now is the time to accept two facts of life – people get ill and people die. Sad though every death is, we cannot continue ruining the lives of millions in order to extend a few hundred lives by a few months and years. It is time to lift restrictions."

'Anyone who has been vaccinated should have their full freedoms back'

@Ed Duck:

"By June 21, the vast majority of adults will have had (or at least been given the chance to have) their first vaccine and two thirds will have been fully vaccinated.

"If that does not mean we can rid ourselves of these shackles then the whole hugely expensive vaccination process has been a waste of time.

"Anyone who is fully vaccinated should insist on having their full freedoms back immediately. If that is denied then it is clear that there are no conditions under which the state will be willing to hand them back."

'I'm sick of excuses'

@Gordon Cameron

"So because the NHS is inefficient and ineffective in treating patient waiting lists, everyone should stay locked up until that mess is cleared up?

"Everything in the data is showing that the vaccines work. I'm sick of all these excuses."

'An inevitable delay'

@Peter Moxon:

"We have been softened up for the inevitable delay. Endless interviews with so-called scientists insisting that it would be dangerous for us to live our lives normally.

"All those regarded as vulnerable have been offered the vaccine and nearly all have taken it up.

"If they postpone, it will be a clear pointer to the dire future we face of pretending that the virus can be eradicated. Why can't they let us live with the thing like they keep telling us it’s what we will have to do?"

'We have to get on'

@OJE Sampson:

"Many industries are relying on that June 21 release date. If we delay again then more businesses will collapse and the economy will take another hit. We really have to start getting on with our lives again."

Do you think the Government should push ahead with reopening on June 21? Have your say in the comments section below.
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