Governor: Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia Oblast kills 1, injures 3

Russian troops attacked the community of Orikhiv in southeastern Zaporizhzhia Oblast on Jan. 1, killing one person and injuring three, Zaporizhzhia Oblast Governor Oleksandr Starukh reported.

Earlier on Jan. 1, Starukh reported that Russian forces attacked 15 communities across the oblast over the past day.

He added that Russia’s Dec. 31 attack on a residential area in Zaporizhzhia wounded five people.

Starukh said that 350 consumers still do not have access to electricity, as compared to the 1,750 consumers that initially lost power due to Russia’s attack on Dec. 31.

Russia launched a fresh barrage of missiles across Ukraine on New Year’s Eve, killing two and wounding over 30.

Russia’s strike came three days after it had conducted a nationwide mass attack on Dec. 29, marking the latest of its months-long campaign to take out Ukraine’s energy system during winter.

Earlier in December, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that Russia would continue launching mass attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, with Moscow recently dismissing Kyiv’s claims about its dwindling missile supplies.