Governor: Texas storm is 'enormous challenge'

Texas Governor Greg Abbott reassured residents Friday as his state suffers in the aftermath of a winter storm that knocked out power for millions and caused widespread water issues. (Feb. 19)

Video Transcript

GREG ABBOTT: We know for our fellow Texans this past week has been an enormous challenge, maybe unlike any challenge that you've ever dealt with before. Has been far too burdensome for the lives of all those affected. We're working around the clock. And we will continue to work around the clock to address and to meet your needs and challenges, and help you overcome them and get them put behind you.

First is ensuring that we complete the process of restoring power to Texas homes. The second focal point today is restoring water for Texans. The third thing we're focused on is ensuring that Texans have the food and water supplies they need. The fourth thing that we're focused on right now is helping our refineries get back up and running to provide Texans with the fuel they need.