COVID Vaccine Updates: 2 million now vaccinated daily in U.S.

From coast to coast, mass COVID vaccination sites are popping up. Nine new FEMA vaccination sites opened this week.

Video Transcript

- Developing this morning, COVID relief on Capitol Hill. The Senate working well into the night and this morning, reading the massive COVID relief bill, a stall tactic by Republicans who oppose it. ABC's Ike Ejiochi is in Washington with the very latest.

IKE EJIOCHI: 628 pages.

- The table of contents for this act is as follows.

IKE EJIOCHI: It's the length of President Biden's nearly $2 trillion COVID relief bill. And Republicans want to hear every single word that's written.

- --of each socially disadvantaged farmer.

IKE EJIOCHI: The move forcing senators to stay inside the Capitol for hours, a stalling tactic from Republicans who say the bill is too expensive.

- The real tragedy here is not Senate process. It's how ill-suited this bill is to what Americans need right now.

IKE EJIOCHI: But according to a recent Monmouth University poll, 62% of Americans are in favor of the $1.9 trillion relief package compared to 34% of Americans who oppose it. The bill includes unemployment benefits of $400 a week. It also includes $160 billion for COVID testing and vaccinations, help for small businesses, and stimulus payouts of $1,400 for Americans earning up to $75,000 a year.

This morning, an average of 2 million vaccines are going into arms every day in this country. From coast to coast, mass vaccination sites are popping up. Nine new FEMA vaccination sites opened this week. In California, Governor Gavin Newsom not only ordering 40% of all vaccines to be reserved for the most vulnerable low-income communities but also calling out other leaders who forgo mask mandates and other restrictions.

GAVIN NEWSOM: We are encouraging people basically to double down on mask-wearing, particularly in light of all of what I would argue is bad information coming from at least four states in this country.

IKE EJIOCHI: Leaders like Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who doubled down on his decision to lift restrictions--

GREG ABBOTT: Texans have mastered the safe strategies. They don't need an order from Austin, Texas telling them what to do.

IKE EJIOCHI: Now, Dr. Fauci says studies are being conducted on vaccinated people right now to determine which activities are safe and which restrictions could possibly be lifted in the future.