Grace Center Church In Eastwick Gets Creative With Special Drive-Up Service In Parking Lot This Easter

Howard Monroe reports.

Video Transcript

NATASHA BROWN: Good evening, everyone. And thank you so much for joining us. I'm Natasha Brown. Joe is off today. Due to COVID rule, some congregations got creative this Easter. Eyewitness News reporter Howard Monroe reports from Eastwick, where one church held a drive up service in their parking lot.

- Our Christ, Lord, and Savior, he rose again. So he's risen. And I'm glad to be here.

HOWARD MONROE: Easter services like none ever before. The Grace Center Church in Eastwick held its service in the parking lot.


- With so much that's going on in the world, this was very important for people to gather once again. While we are not inside, the inside mission never stops.

HOWARD MONROE: Even the youngest of the faithful wore their Easter Sunday best. And the Easter Bunny made an appearance, as well.

MARISA BOWLERS: [INAUDIBLE] come here to worship God. It's like you wake up in the morning, you see him again.

HOWARD MONROE: The church launched on March 1 of last year. And then the pandemic hit less than two weeks later. And that has forced all their services either out here in the parking lot or online.


- We're streaming online, doing everything online, and just opportunity for us to just say, hey, let's just come out. Everybody come out. And let's just do what we do. [? We came ?] together to give y'all praise this morning.

HOWARD MONROE: Services like these were not possible last Easter. We were less than a month into the pandemic, and the entire area was under strict lockdown orders. So even though they had to be outdoors in 40 degree weather, they say any worship service is better than no worship service.

- This is awesome. It is so good to be able to be back and see our church family. It is amazing.

HOWARD MONROE: In Eastwick, Howard Monroe, CBS three Eyewitness News.