Graduating North Texas High School Seniors Celebrate Their Futures At Globe Life Field

Globe Life Field in Arlington had more than 3,500 people in attendance to hear how nearly 1,000 seniors plan to continue life after high school.

Video Transcript

- The future is bright for students in North Texas as they announce their next steps in life. CBS11's Racheal O'Neill tells us more.

RACHEAL O'NEIL: It's a big day for seniors across the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Now this 10th annual event, Uplift Education Senior Decision Day, celebrated graduating seniors and their future endeavors.

- --Texas at Arlington!

RACHEAL O'NEIL: Globe Life Field had more than 3,500 people in attendance to hear how nearly 1,000 seniors planned to continue their life after high school. Some chose the military. Many chose their dream college.

DALIELA COBARRUBIAS: Honstly, when I first found out I got accepted to Rice, I was completely shocked. I never thought that I would be able to go to such an amazing university. My parents are immigrants, so to be able to do that has been really amazing.

RACHEAL O'NEIL: This is the 22nd consecutive year of having 100% of Uplift students accepted into college. Tanaka Tavam a 2017 graduate, is wrapping up his final year at Baylor and was a key speaker at today's event. His future, brighter than ever.

TANAKA TAVA: I'm actually a co-founder of a new app called Videloo. It's a new social network coming out in the fall of 2021, and we're having our beta in the summertime.

RACHEAL O'NEIL: And the app is a live streaming social network that is able to help people locate entertainment around the area, like bars, clubs, and social events. Daniel Gray, an Uplift staff member, says he hopes events like these will continue to encourage student success.

DANIEL GRAY: We value them. We care about them. And we want to make sure that we celebrate them. Once you leave high school, once you leave experiences like this it's rare that you can celebrate it.

RACHEAL O'NEIL: Gray says Uplift will continue to celebrate students and support them well after they graduate, no matter what their endeavors are. In Arlington, Racheal O'Neill "CBS11 News."

- Some pretty incredible young people. Racheal, thank you.