Graduation Day For Some Miami-Dade High School Seniors

CBS4's Joan Murray has more on the celebrations and what's to come for next school year. Read more:

Video Transcript

- New at 6:00, parents with elementary school students in public school will be able to request their children repeat their grade next year because of the so-called COVID slide. But there are other options available out there. South Florida public schools are trying to combat the pandemic brain drain, as it's called, this summer, offering expanded school programs. CBS4's Joan Murray explains how it'll work.

JOAN MURRAY: Graduation day for some Miami-Dade seniors, but lingering signs of COVID, masks and limited seating. The pandemic's lasting legacy.

ANABELLA DOVALE: I feel like I speak for a lot of us, it really forced us to get to know ourselves and our own goals.

MARK SALAZAR: COVID kind of hit us very hard, but you know, like anything, we adapt, we get used to the new scenery. And we pushed through, and we persevered, and we're here today graduating.

JOAN MURRAY: Between the schools' shut down last year and half of all students online, there has been a learning loss.

- Get back, get ready, and reconnect.

JOAN MURRAY: So, Broward and Miami-Dade public schools are trying to combat the COVID slide with expanded summer programs. These are not your parents' summer school.

SARAH LEONARDI: We're focusing on remediation but also acceleration, accelerating our students who are performing well.

JOAN MURRAY: Sarah Leonardi is a teacher and Broward school board member. Broward has already signed up more than 34,000 students.

SARAH LEONARDI: It'll be our biggest summer program in the history of Broward County Public Schools. We have over 4,500 teachers who have signed up to participate, so I'm excited to see how that goes.

JOAN MURRAY: Broward's summer program, pre-K through 12, will run June 21 to July 29. It's in-person learning. Literacy teacher Lauren Gordon has enrolled her six-year-old son Jordan, who's in kindergarten.

LAUREN GORDON: After COVID, you know, we saw a significant decrease in students' academic and social skills. And I think it's really important for him to maintain the consistency, to reinforce those academic concepts. I'm hoping that this summer we can get back some of that missed social interaction and that academic help.

JOAN MURRAY: In Miami-Dade, they have reimagined summer school, combining academics and activities. It's called Miami-Dade Summer 305 Adventure. It will run June 14 to August 20, pre-K through 12, and will be in-person and virtual learning. This is really a great chance for kids to catch up academically and socially over the summer. Both Miami-Dade and Broward have more information on their web pages, or you can get more info on our webpage, In Pompano Beach, Joan Murray, CBS 4 News.