Gragson’s heartbreak and Willy B’s big win in the Rearview Mirror

Kim Coon takes a final look back on the NASCAR weekend at Homestead-Miami Speedway in Rearview Mirror, presented by Old Spice.

Video Transcript


KIM COON: Hello. It's-a me, Kim. Now, did you know Florida is the flattest state in America? Me neither. But you'd never know it from high atop the progressive banking of Homestead Miami Speedway. So let's take a look at our last race in the Sunshine State until August. Smells like oranges, burnt rubber, and Old Spice.

Saturday, xfinity went racing. And things got a little crazy. Harrison Burton burns out while Noah Gragson leads the race, saves himself, and then runs out of luck. I truly feel for the number nine. Despite good runs, the track hasn't been too kind. That makes three straight losses in the league. But things are more than fine for Myatt Snider, another new winner of the season.

- Back to the checker.

- Whoa!

- Snider hanging on. And he will for the first time in his career.

- He's got it!

- Wow! That was fun.

KIM COON: Whoever said the last laugh is the only place to battle must have forgotten about the racing at Homestead. Check this out from the Cup Series race.

- Keselowski, a little bobble there. And Buescher has a look on the inside. He's gonna try.

- Side draft.

KIM COON: Nice job, Chris Buescher. Now, that's how you take the lead. But the day it was made for William Byron, who grabbed the gold for just the second time in his Cup Series career. And it was the first Cup Series victory for crew chief Rudy Fugle.

WILLIAM BYRON: I'm just-- I can't even believe it honestly. It was just a really smooth day.

KIM COON: Congrats, William. As the great poet Lord Byron once said, NASCAR is for racing. I do love thee. OK, fine. I just made that up.


This week's smell ready for anything moment brought to you by Old Spice goes to JGR crew member Josh Shifflett, who got knocked down but got up again.

- Wow. Yeah, it's like a 50/50 mix there. Whoa!

- And we had a crew member get hit. Yeah.

KIM COON: That's an impressive tumble. And we're just glad he's OK.



What's that smell? Well, it's all those chicken tenders that will not be free on Monday because Tyler Reddick didn't win.

TYLER REDDICK: I need to get this cheddar scratch kitchen Chevy to victory lane because if I would have, would have gotten a lot of people in America free chicken tenders on Monday night.

KIM COON: Oh, so sweet. All he wanted to do was feed the fans. Well, that's it for now. Catch me next week in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the drivers will play the odds and roll the die for another chance at victory.