Grammarly will now tell you if your writing is bland

The Grammarly Editor can now review user content for delivery and engagement in addition to correctness and clarity.

Grammarly has announced that its text Editor tool will not only check your grammar correctness and spelling, but also warn you if your writing is bland or lacking in conciseness.

Since the company was founded over 10 years ago, Grammarly has offered students, professionals, and anyone who types on a computer an AI-powered grammar tool that helps them write and spell correctly. This week the company announced that its browser extension, web, and desktop Grammarly Editor apps are getting an update that will do more than just keep users' texts mistake-free, it will also encourage them to write smoothly and more concisely.

More specifically, in addition to correctness, Grammarly will underline sentences (in varying colors) whose clarity, engagement, and delivery could be improved. For example, the tool would highlight the word "small" for being too bland or "$500 dollars" for being unclear.

The alerts and suggestions are modified based on what type of document a user is creating -- a professional document requires a different sentence delivery and lexicon than a travel blog.

While Grammarly will offer suggestions about clarity and correctness to all users, only those with a Premium subscription (starting at $11.66 per month) will receive suggestions based on engagement and delivery.