Grammys 2019: Host Alicia Keys explains why she decided not to wear makeup

Chelsea Ritschel

Alicia Keys is hosting the 61st annual Grammys award show makeup-free.

The singer, who arrived on the Staples Centre red carpet in Los Angeles in a red gown, said her decision is about self-expression.

Speaking to People magazine, Keys said: “I don’t feel the desire to go back to the way that I used to do that where it was like ultra, uber heavy.”

And she expects other celebrities will follow in her footsteps and opt for less makeup for this year’s Grammy awards show.

“I feel like it’s definitely going to be a lot of fresh skin it’s going to be clean and easy and effortless, but who knows? I want to express myself - and that’s what it’s all about,” she continued.

But the host does have a few requirements for her own outfit, apart from makeup.

In addition to feeling “beautiful”, Keys said she also chose her ensemble with the goal of feeling “totally calm, confident, powerful and empowered to be completely in my moment”.

The singer kicked off her hosting duties with a iconic speech alongside Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Jennifer Lopez.