The Grammys: Best Pop Solo Performance

The Best Pop Solo Performance Award designed for a solo performance pop recording (vocal and instrumental) and is limited to singles or tracks only.

Video Transcript

- --for the 63rd Grammy Awards, right here on CBS11. So much excitement right now. We wanted to check in with our good friends over at "The Kid Kraddick Morning Show," J-Si Chavez and Kellie Raspberry, for a little insight on a huge category here, Best Pop performance. Guys, there are some huge heavyweights in this one.

KELLIE RASPBERRY: Finally, Harry Styles gets a nomination for "Watermelon Sugar." If I don't pick him to win, my daughter may not speak to me for the rest of the month. So I'm going to take Harry Styles for this category.

J-SI CHAVEZ: I'm going to go with Doja Cat on this one, Kelly.


J-SI CHAVEZ: "Say So" is one of my favorite songs of the year. She did an incredible job with this song. So it was a close call between her and Justin Bieber, because "Yummy" was one of those songs you heard all over the place.


J-SI CHAVEZ: But I feel like Doja Cat's got this one in the bag.

KELLIE RASPBERRY: Yeah, and then of course, Taylor Swift came out with her huge album. Oh Lord, thank you. And she recorded that during the quarantine. And it's been such a huge hit for her. She has a really good shot as well.

J-SI CHAVEZ: This is probably the strongest category when it comes to artists, because it's truly up for grabs. I wouldn't be surprised if any of them won it. But I'm going with Doja on this one.

KELLIE RASPBERRY: I'm going to go with Harry.

- Y'all are snubbing my girl Dua Lipa. This is a huge year for her, too. What if she pulls this off with "Don't Start Now?"

KELLIE RASPBERRY: You know what? I wouldn't be mad at it. My daughter would.

J-SI CHAVEZ: Like, I want to be best friends every single one of these people. So I don't-- whoever wins, call me, please.

- Yeah, all three of us, right? We'll party with whoever wins, right? We're there for the party.

J-SI CHAVEZ: Let's go.

- All right, guys. Thank you very much. Again, the Grammys this Sunday right here on CBS11. Don't miss it.

- All right, folks. Have a complete look right now at all of the nominees for Best Pop Performance. Justin Bieber for his song "Yummy," Doja Cat for "Say So," Billy Eilish for "Everything I wanted," Dua Lipa for "Don't Start Now," Harry Styles for "Watermelon Sugar," and of course Taylor Swift for "Cardigan."