Granada Hills House Junk Removal: 'Hoarders' TV Show, City, LAPD Get Involved As Junk Is Removed From Yard Of Home

Saturday, a cleanup that neighbors had been asking about for years was finally wrapping up as residents of a Granada Hills neighborhood feared for their safety and property values due to an apparent junkyard that had taken over one home's yard.

Video Transcript

- --before an after.

KANDISS CRONE: New video from Drone 9 shows exactly what a difference a day can make. You can actually see the ground of the front yard at this Granada Hills home. Just three weeks ago, a much different scene. Trash and garbage covered every inch of the lawn, front and back. Neighbors say the major cleanup was a long time coming.

JAMES ERIC: First we heard a tremendous amount of thumping and pounding and throwing of things. And then wandered outside, and suddenly the entire street was populated with trucks and people. It was a welcome surprise. We were happy to see them.

SYLVIA MELDONIAN: We don't have to see [INAUDIBLE] or go by. And people coming around, like, people drive by and they take pictures like it's Disneyland or something.

KANDISS CRONE: [INAUDIBLE] --loaded Item after item into large dumpster bins, clearing out a great deal of trash and junk hoarded at the home for years. Neighbors say the homeowner's son had people coming by all times of the night to drop off their unwanted items. They filed nearly a dozen complaints with the city but to no avail, until now.

LES CLAYPOOL: We were pretty, pretty happy. We're never quite sure though, is this for real. We've seen little attempts at this before.

KANDISS CRONE: Les Claypool is now concerned about if the backyard will undergo a major cleaning, as neighbors reported seeing rodents come from the home. We tried to get answers from a man who told us he was the homeowner's son before driving off with a truckload of old bicycles.

Is there are any plans to clean up the backyard?

- Yes.

KANDISS CRONE: What's the next step?

He told us they're working to clear out the back side of the house. While pleased by the progress, neighbors tell us they're being cautiously optimistic.

LES CLAYPOOL: Our biggest fear is that it starts to come back almost immediately.

KANDISS CRONE: A man at the home told me that he wasn't sure when the rest of the property would be cleaned up. We did reach out to the city sanitation department but have not heard back. In Granada Hills, Kandiss Crone, KCAL 9 News.

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