Grandfather charged in girl's cruise ship death speaks out


 by attorney Michael Winkleman, who represents Chloe's family but not Anello in his criminal case, appeared to show that the time it took for Anello to pick Chloe up and hold her up to a window above the railing before she fell was about six seconds. But CBS News has since learned that video was not in real time. The incident actually lasted more than 30 seconds.

Winkleman said the video he showed CBS News was the same format he received from prosecutors.

"Any variation in time likely has to do with software issues," he said in a statement. "Most importantly, whether it was five, 10 or 30 seconds does nothing to change the fact that Sam reasonably believed that the window was closed."

Anello is due back in court December 17. He faces three years in prison if convicted.

Winkleman showed CBS News medical records seeming to support Anello's claim that he is colorblind. Chloe's parents plan to file suit against Royal Caribbean before the end of the year.

In a statement, the cruise line called this a tragic accident and said it would have no further comment, out of respect for the family and because of the pending court case.

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