Grandmother of pregnant woman killed: 'The city failed her'

"My granddaughter didn't deserve to die like this," she said of Brianna Navarro, who was shot to death on Easter Sunday.

Video Transcript

STEFANIA OKOLIE: We have learned that it was at this corner store here, on Briar Forest Drive, that the trouble started for 22-year-old Brianna Navarro and her boyfriend. He apparently had an argument with a group of men, they were followed, and that's when the couple's car was shot into. Brianna and her unborn baby were killed. Houston police now have another homicide on their hands.

A 37% increase in homicides this year already, and Houston investigators still have nearly half left to solve.

22-year-old Brianna Navarro's murder is now one of them. Shot to death as she rode in the car with her boyfriend and two-year-old son. Navarro was six months pregnant.

As police investigated, her grieving grandmother stood nearby Sunday afternoon.

LORETTA ROMO: With anger. You know, I don't have words.

STEFANIA OKOLIE: Today, we spoke again on FaceTime. Loretta Romo is trying to find the strength.

LORETTA ROMO: My granddaughter didn't deserve to die like this.

STEFANIA OKOLIE: Navarro's death adds to it quickly growing list of murders in the city of Houston. 103 homicides just three months into the year. Last year this time, there was only about 75. Today, of those 103 homicides, 52% of them have been solved. 49 cases are still unsolved.

LORETTA ROMO: Because I feel that the city of Houston Police Department failed my granddaughter and my great-grandbaby and myself from these criminals that are running around.

STEFANIA OKOLIE: Today, as Police Chief Troy Finner was sworn in, he made a plea to the community to step up and help when it comes to crime. When you know something, speak up.

TROY FINNER: Citizens, everybody on every block in Houston, I know a lot of y'all. Men, women stand up. Be good people, be good witnesses when we need you.

STEFANIA OKOLIE: Romo hope someone out there takes action for her family, for her granddaughter and her unborn great-grandchild.

LORETTA ROMO: If anybody saw anything that happened yesterday to my granddaughter, please don't be scared to text me, call me. We'll call the police department.

STEFANIA OKOLIE: I'm Stefania Okolie, ABC13 Eyewitness News.