‘Grandparents on Demand’ offered in incentive package for moving to this Indiana town

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An Indiana town is offering a unique relocation package — providing stand-in ”grandparents” along with cash incentives.

That’s right, move to Greensburg, Indiana, and take part in its ”Grandparents on Demand” package. As a part of the deal, two local residents will offer babysitting and will fill in on Grandparents Day at school.

If somebody needs somebody, we can do that,” the ‘grandma,’ Tammi Wenning, told WTHR. “Cookies, hugs, things at school — I’ll put their art on my refrigerator and be proud of it.”

Greensburg is a rural town with a population of 11,228. It is tucked in between Cincinnati and Indianapolis, nestled off Interstate 74.

If the grandparents incentive doesn’t entice you enough, perhaps the money will. Greensburg is offering $5,000 in cash plus $2,000 in gifts for people who relocate there within the next six to 12 months.

The gift package includes “a year’s membership to the local co-working space and YMCA, gift cards to the seasonal farmers market, tickets throughout the year to productions at the local playhouse, hosted visits to the Lake Santee beach and other amenities.”

What’s so nice about Greensburg, anyway? Its visitor’s bureau states it offers a “small-town charm with plenty of things to do.” The town is known for a famous tree that grows out of a downtown courthouse tower.

It’s also an affordable place to live. The median value of a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home is around $176,000, according to the town’s relocation listing on MakeMyMove.

And as many people are working remotely nowadays, you won’t have to worry about a slow internet connection in Greensburg. The town has been working on its internet service to prepare for the MakeMyMove program, according to WXIN.

“Our community is full of great people that will help an individual who moves here, or their family, flourish and grow and be a part of the community,” Greensburg Mayor Joshua Marsh told WXIN. “How do we attract people to southeastern Indiana? What we’re doing is we’re showing those that maybe live in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco — outside of the Midwest — that you can keep your job that you have, where you’re working remotely. You’re paying a very high cost of living, maybe in an unsafe environment, or the school systems aren’t great… (but) you can move here to Greensburg Indiana and we will set you up.”

For more information on Greensburg or on the relocation incentive package, visit the MakeMyMove website.

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